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List of Players Looking for a Team

Name Phone Offense Defense Rebounding
Kali Das 4242004918 Average Good Average
Colin Larson 3088820290 Good Good Good
Michael Forte 505 204-4357 Good Good Average
Ali Hillson 5704045608 Good Good Good
Brendan Flippo 8303089546 Good Good Good
Donald Wood 5014006404 Average Average Average
Michael Forte 505 204-4357 Good Good Good
Jesse Espejo 575-613-0314 Bad Bad Bad
Zane Reed 5856133159 Good Good Good
Zane Reed 5756133159 Good Good Good
Ian Garver 323-371-4494 Good Good Good
Andrew Marcus 5757411663 Bad Bad Average
Andrew Marcus 5757411663 Good Good Good
Sarvis Anarella 9708754646 Good Average Average
Nick Graziano 770-378-2484 Good Good Average
Kyle Pittman 210-412-4875 Average Good Good
Aaron Adrian 906-362-8080 Good Average Good
Aaron Adrian 906-362-8080 Bad Average Bad
Tim Teague 8068862148 Good Good Good
Brett Harris (played in college) 9715336376 Good Good Good
Brett Harris 9715336376 Good Good Average
Levi tafoya 5752523002 Good Good Good
Emily Cordova 505-927-0961 Average Good Good
Elliott Boone 8304560009 Good Good Good
Jake white 5756130025 Good Good Average
Weston Stewart-Tennes 5102194402 Good Good Bad
Michael Sicangu Baller 4159906805 Good Good Good
DEREK REYES 5753035620 Average Good Average
Ricky Pacheco 5059011672 Average Good Good
Derreck Chacon 575-779-5060 Good Good Good
Jonah Reynolds 575-218-5583 Good Good Good

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