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List of Players Looking for a Team

Name Phone Offense Defense Rebounding
Alejandro Chacon 5059772797 Good Good Good
Ryan kuykendall 575-770-4834 Good Good Average
Erving Johnson 575-732-3232 Good Good Good
James Harden 878-878-3456 Good Bad Average
Brian McMillan 4434091485 Good Good Good
Noble Grayson 929-330-8388 Good Good Average
Rory MacPhail 773-677-6417 Good Good Good
Steve Romero 575-613-5054 Good Good Good
Alena Gilchrist 505-933-2211 Average Bad Bad
Dominic Martinez 575-613-3473 Good Good Good
Patrick Winters 575-377-5441 Good Average Good
Bryan Miller 5757702995 Good Good Good
Leo Romero 5754551307 Average Good Good
Justin Abeyta 5757799942 Average Average Average
John Miller 503-422-1821 Good Good Average
Daniel McJunkins 5208407547 Bad Bad Bad
Daniel Ray 5208407547 Good Good Good
Jojo Valdez 575-741-6061 Average Good Average
Robert Santistevan 5752244847 Bad Bad Bad
Robert j Santistevan 5752244847 Good Good Good
Alfred Porto 4072021558 Good Good Good
Jonah Reynolds 575-218-5583 Good Good Good
Justin Martin 5753174171 Good Good Good
Adam Pacheco 5757795441 Bad Average Good
Adam Pacheco 5757795441 Bad Average Good
Daniel Medina 5055044379 Average Average Average
Alejandro Chacon 5059772797 Bad Bad Bad
Brandon McCarson 575-751-3300 Average Good Average
Marcos Fernandez 575-770-1998 Good Good Good
Michael Jordan 523-723-2323 Good Good Good
Chenoa Custer 5052369499 Good Good Good
Shane Lovelady 3362546276 Good Good Good
Timmy Teague 806 886 2148 Bad Bad Bad
Timmy Teague 806 886 2148 Good Good Good
Ronnie Hamilton 575-613-3404 Average Average Average
Julian Mcmahan 5757411334 Average Average Average
Conrad babin 5753775032 Good Good Good
Randall Staton 816-510-8429 Good Good Good
Joe Kern 505 660-1091 Good Good Good
Robert Zaragoza 8307199100 Bad Average Good
Jerod Shipley 5757794800 Average Bad Bad
Dwayne Pecosky 303-552-8035 Average Good Bad
Chris Skipper 5755719824 Good Good Good
Hank allen 7759976802 Average Average Good
Nick Graziano 7703782484 Good Good Good
Tomas Madrid 575-224-7269 Good Good Good
Roni Schneider 734-717-5375 Good Good Good
Marcos Fernandez 5757701998 Good Good Average
Mark Flores 770-4823 Good Good Good
Dan Jaramillo 970-222-7925 Good Good Good
Carlos Ortiz 575-779-6288 Average Good Average
Dan Jaramillo 970-222-7925 Good Good Good
Lemmy Wilwood 505 291 2293 Bad Bad Bad
Ryan Torrez 5757798150 Good Good Good
Ricky Pacheco 575-613-5403 Good Good Average
Zack Walter 402-730-2133 Average Good Good

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